As cleanup efforts continue from last Thursday's storm, the City of Duluth is offering drop off and pick up options for storm debris. In the latest update from the City of Duluth's Summer Storm Response and Restoration posting, here are recommended options for getting rid of tree branches and other debris:

Drop Off Site

On Rice Lake Road across from Marshall School - Open 8 am to 6 pm through the week of July 25. Duluth residents can drop off tree parts from storm damage. No household items, garbage, or other yard waste will be accepted.

Curbside Pick Up

The City of Duluth is providing curbside pick up starting on July 25. A contractor has been hired to focus on pick up from Lakeside area, while the City of Duluth has over 10 crews that will work on the other parts of town.

Residents can place debris on the boulevard or front yard. Please do not place household items or garbage next to the storm debris. What you cannot place on the curb can be brought up to the drop off site.


WLSSD is an option to get rid of spoiled food/food waste due to the power outage, as well as storm debris. Follow the guidelines provided if you plan to drop anything off at WLSSD. A couple key things to know:

  • Yard waste (twigs/brush) can be brought to the WLSSD Yard Waste Compost Site at 27th Ave W or the WLSSD Materials Recovery Center on Rice Lake Road at a cost of $8/yard. Debris from Wisconsin cannot be accepted.
  • Food waste (spoiled food from power outages) can be brought to any of a number of food waste drop sites, including the Yard Waste Compost Site and Materials Recovery Center. You can see the full food waste drop-off sites and guidelines here.
  • Other Debris (shinges/building materials/other debris) can be brought to the WLSSD Materials Recovery Center on Rice Lake Road at a cost of $22/yard.

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