The Minnesota Vikings defend their first place standing against the 1-3 Tennessee Titans in an afternoon match up that provide little excitement for non-Vikings fans as the Vikes put a pounding on Titans, the final score at Mall of America Field 30-7.

The Vikings are now 4-1 with a big road game against the Redskins and RG3 on the horizon next Sunday. Read more to hear what Coach Leslie Frazier and Christan Ponder have to say about today's win.

Coach Leslie Frazier

Coach talks about the fans at Mall of America Field, the team, and injury with Jerome Simpson wrap-up:

What’s improved since the week two loss?

You had a big grin on your face after Kyle Rudolph’s touchdown, what were you thinking?

When you spoke to Percy Harvin when he wasn’t happy this summer, did you tell him you thought this team could win?

QB Christian Ponder

Talks about win:

After the 2nd interception you threw, did you get yourself back in gear?

Are you surprised to be 4-1?


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