A couple of nights ago, Vince Neil was the headliner of a concert at Black Bear Casino. I'll cover all 3 bands that played even though Slaughter and Great White basically had half hour sets and that's barely a warm up in my opinion.

Slaughter, who I'm a huge fan of kicked things off right at 7, the advertised start time.  If there is one thing certain about shows at Black Bear, they always start right on time.  It's unfortunate the sound can't be a little more dialed at The Bear.  Don't get me wrong, shows are a lot of fun there, but Slaughter has big drums, big guitars, and Mark's still quite good vocals and it's harder to appreciate that when they just aren't popping out like they should.  Regardless, Slaughter rocked as they always do.

Great White, note, not Jack Russel's Great White, did a bang up job too.  I was very impressed with the vocalist and the band was tight and on.

There had been several videos as of late showing Vince performing with not the best vocals but I wasn't worried.  I have seen him solo 3 or 4 times and with the Crue a few times and only at one of those solo shows did he disappoint and that was a million years ago.  Yeah, he can't quite breath like he used to but I still think he sounds pretty good.  Plus, what's cool about him that I always remind the naysayers of Vince Neil is, it's party songs that everyone knows and sings too, so it's fun.  Zoltan Chaney was on drums killing it and I want to do it all over again.

My only gripes are they figure out how to serve cocktails a little faster and have the openers play a little longer.  The staff at the Bear was all friendly, professional, and helpful for the sold out event.  Can we do it again?

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