A scary incident as lightning strikes near the ocean freighter Jamno while it departs the Duluth Harbor during an approaching thunderstorm.

I've always been fascinated with ships; it all started at a young age. My grandpa built a house on park point and would spend many days telling about ships, especially the ones we watched while coming into the harbor.

If you ever wondered what a 1,000-foot ship sounded like underwater, you can check it out here with the James R. Barker as it came through the Duluth Canal. You can also check out the tugboat 'Lake Superior', sinking into the Duluth Harbor that happened earlier this year.

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Jamno was built in 2018 and is a General Cargo ship. It also sails under the flag of the Bahamas. The vessel arrived in Duluth on September 6th and was ported for 3 days until departing to Canada. You can see the Jamno in all its glory during the daytime here:


The Duluth Harbor Cam caught another good one. While the Jamno was departing Duluth, there was a scary lightning strike near the ship that literally lit up the night sky. In the video, there are actually four ships: American Spirit, Gardno, Jamno, and Dirk S. Vanenkevort all departing within two days of each other. The lightning strike happens around the 2:27 mark, check it out below:


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