As most of us know nowadays, scammers keep getting more crafty in how they come after you.  Sometimes emails from them look so close to legit, that it can be hard to figure out they aren't real or from an actual trusted source.

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Today I received an email from Netflix, or so I thought.  I generally delete most emails from them without even opening because if Netflix is rolling, there is no billing issue and all is well.  Today's email had the subject of: "Connect your phone number to your Netflix account to avoid streaming issues".  I didn't delete it so I would know to look later and it didn't take me too long to figure out that it was bogus.

I have several email accounts on my Outlook phone app, and the email claiming to be from Netflix was sent to my radio station account.  An account that I don't use for any of my subscription service, so I was pretty quickly able to figure out their scam attempt.  The email came from "", and had a fancy Netflix red "Connect Phone Number" box to click on.


I of course didn't click on it and will be reporting the email to our IT department, but it's something to think about as it's an attempt at scamming that I haven't seen before.  I'm assuming with people that only have one email account, it might be pretty tempting to get all click happy and then end up with stolen information.  With any email from Netflix or other services, I rarely click links even when I can tell they are legit.  I go right to their source website to grab their customer service email just to be extra safe.  If you ever question emails claiming to be from Netflix, you can go right to them to be sure it's real HERE.

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