Besides his work in Montrose, his huge solo career, and taking the front man spot for Van Halen, Sammy Hagar is also famous for being a guy who likes to party.  From his annual birthday bash at his restaurant in Cabo, to building two major booze brands, he is a walking rock and roll party.  While I only got to see him once live so far, on a small stage impromptu of sorts show at Moondance Jam due to rain issues, he didn't care, he rocked the place and turned the rained out crowd frowns upside down.  He brought the party when everyone thought it was over for the night.

It's almost time for another party that Sammy puts on every year.  It takes place in Huntington Beach, California on October, 6th and it's called "Sammy Hagar's High Tide Beach Party and Car show".

There will be drinks, exotic cars, Sammy's latest super group called The Circle, guest performers and a whole lot more.  Should you be able to make it, you can get your tickets here. Check out the preview video for it!

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