Of course with any big event weekend in the Twin Ports there is going to be traffic issues.  You'll find re-routes, detours, and that is even worse in prime time construction season in the summer.

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With the 45th Grandma's Marathon happening tomorrow, you can find out about some of the road closures you might encounter HERE.  One other thing to be mindful of though, is the amount of Minnesota State Troopers keeping an eye out.

I've been making the trip from Duluth to Wrenshall and back, just about every day, and I have seen a lot more squads on the highway than usual.  They aren't just sitting there either, they are actively pulling people over.  They are more active during the day of course, when traffic is heavier but even in the early morning hours, they have been out in force.  The Minnesota State Patrol is of course tasked with keeping the highways safe, and this isn't a bashing them post.  It's more of a reminder to just watch your speed throughout the weekend, not only because I don't want you to get a ticket, but because there will be a lot of people from out of town.

Many of the visitors don't know the area very well and Duluth has some heavy road  construction going on currently.  So just remember to be patient, take your time, and we will all get to where we need to be.  Hopefully getting there without a speeding or distracted driving ticket.

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