Winter is coming and will likely be here before we know it - or before we are ready!

The Weather Channel consistently releases temperature outlooks for the entire United States and they have done it yet again, this time releasing a temperature outlook for the start of 2022.

In the Twin Ports, the only thing that would be really shocking is if mother nature brought us sunshine and 50s as we start the new year. January and February are notoriously cold for us here in the Northland.

Spoiler alert: that is not in the cards for us, especially as we start 2022. We already knew this just based on common sense. Other weather outlets have also shared outlooks of the 2021 - 2022 winter season and they look especially brutal.

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For example, over the summer, the National Weather Service shared some bone-chilling news: we will likely be seeing another La Niña winter season this year. We had one for the 2020 - 2021 winter season and it brought us brutal cold. (Yes, we are always cold in the winter but we had an extended period of time that was record-breaking in terms of temperature!)

The Old Farmer's Almanac also caused panic when they shared their winter outlook for the season ahead. In short, they called the upcoming winter one of the "longest" and "coldest" winters in years.

The Weather Channel is now weighing in, sharing a temperature outlook for the months of January and February. Thankfully, things don't look too bad. They could definitely be worse!

So what is in store for the Twin Ports in January and February?

According to the Weather Channel, northern Minnesota and part of northwest Wisconsin are set to experience below-average temperatures. That means it will be colder than usual, even for January.

February will also be cold but will be a bit warmer than what is in store for January. The Twin Ports will experience near-average temperatures, which is cold but definitely could be worse!

Winter will be here before we know it. Another thing we could look into if we want to know what winter has in store for us are persimmons seeds! According to weather folklore, they can accurately predict what kind of winter we are in for.

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