I got called down to Minneapolis last week to do some work helping to clean-up areas impacted by recent rioting in the area.  I'm used to traveling for work but it's a whole different way of being out of town during a pandemic.

I'm staying at a Hilton Double Tree and the hotel is incredibly nice.  The rooms are new and clean, the whole place is clean.  It's also incredibly short staffed.  I spoke with the manager upon check-in and he said that they currently 84 staff members are on the bench, not working.

When I travel for work I'm used to breakfast at the hotel, and also lot's of options for dining out, especially in a big city like Minneapolis.  There is no breakfast however due to the COVID-19.  Dining options have been limited too, mostly because of the pandemic, but also in this area because of the protesting.  Some places are still delivering but some aren't.  Delivery wait times have been longer too, which makes sense.  A lot of restaurants including fast food are closed early every night.  It wouldn't be so bad if it was just me, but we have a crew of 9 people that need to eat.

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The hotel also isn't cleaning rooms everyday.  They only clean them when you checkout.  They are collecting garbage outside your room though and you can get any towels and such that you may need at the front desk.  The policy on the door of the hotel is that everyone wears a mask, that isn't followed by most of the guest I've seen.

I'm not complaining at all, it's not really that bad, it's just a different time right now.  If this little inconvenience makes the world safer and healthier, then whatever it takes is what it is.  Keep some of this in mind if you do have to travel during the pandemic.

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