Space in general has always been fascinating to me, and along with that, the idea that we're not alone.

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I have witnessed and reported unidentified objects in the past, and still don't know what I saw when I was younger.  With all of the sightings witnessed over the years, from so many people around the globe, enthusiasts have started World UFO Day.

It's a day centered around being openminded, having discussions, and doing your own research into UFO activity.  It can even mean just watching UFO movies with a great list here to check out.

Some will tell you World UFO Day is on June 24th, others will say it's July 2nd, either way, pick a day to celebrate.  If you are looking for a place to get together with link-minded UFO enthusiasts, there is a slick map here pulling together a list of events all over the world.

Have you seen what you would describe as a UFO?  What did you experience?  Did you see it once or multiple times?  Take World UFO Day as a time to share your experiences to an organization such as The National UFO Reporting Center where you can also compare your story to others.

UFOs might seem silly to those who haven't witnessed some kind of unexplainable or unidentifiable phenomena and don't have an open mind to that sort of thing.  But, to those that have experienced something or do believe, World UFO Day is for you.

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