While I know a lot of you out there are veteran riders who have many miles under their belts, which includes trips across country.  There are still plenty of people, including me, who haven't done trips like that.

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I figured it's a good time to write about packing for a longer trip on two wheels because the 81st Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally kicks off on August 6th.  Also, I myself am preparing to head West on the bike, but with a destination of Idaho Springs, Colorado.  We don't have a big group, just me and my Bride and one other couple who actually have done quite a few trips.

This list of sorts won't include everything that's right for you, rather it's just a few general things to consider bringing along to aid in your journey.  One of the things I started doing last year was wearing a helmet.  I hate it, every second of it, but the older I get the more I worry about other drivers on the road.  Between texting and general inability to drive decently, my concern is other people hitting me.  So a helmet should probably be on your list, especially since many states still have helmet laws.  Next up for me is good foot ware, not just good boots for riding but whatever you will be comfortable in for stopping for the night too, or if you plan any touristy things that involve a lot of walking.  I'll be throwing several bandanas in my bags too, as I sweat a lot and usually wear one when riding to help with that, they are also nice as a dust mask or if you are caught in the rain and not wearing a full face helmet, one up around your mouth makes it a little less painful.

Different layers of clothing are also important to have, depending on where you are headed, the weather can change quickly.  A tool kit with some basic things in a nice role-up organizer isn't a bad idea either.  You might not be doing major engine work on the side of the road, but even a few things like pliers, wrenches, zip-ties, and duct tape, might be enough to get you back on the road.  Also think about things like sunscreen, a spare set of bike keys, earplugs, bungee cords, your phone charger, and of course your insurance information.  GPS is something else that you can consider, though most of us have that available on our phones these days.  Lastly, I'll mention cash.  While it's 2021 and I firmly feel that every business should take cards, if you're in the middle of nowhere, having some cash on hand might come in handy.  Speaking of money, make sure to let your banks know you are traveling so a note can be put on your debit and credit cards, so they don't get shut-off in another state.  What are some essentials that you pack for long haul motorcycle trips?

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