I said these words to myself (with a few others), "When THE (*&^ is the construction down here going to end!" It happened when I turned onto Superior Street on Lake Avenue after just getting off the freeway. I needed to get over to the Walgreens on East Superior street. As soon as I turned off Lake and onto Superior street, traffic crawled. Up ahead at 3rd Ave East it's closed for a block for street work. Cars are then routed all the way up to 4th Street to go around the hospital area because of other construction projects there for the hospital.

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There was so much traffic that this turned into a 15 minute detour to go basically a couple blocks down the road. I made the appointment on time, but I'm just really ready for the construction to be over.

Ken Hayes

While the Superior Street Reconstruction was absolutely necessary too in the last few years, let's not pretend it wasn't annoying. We moved downtown a couple months before they starting ripping up the west section of Superior street. They had almost finished last year before the could get the concrete work done. They asphalted it over to seal it up for the winter, and then came again this Spring and tore it all back up.

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That meant another few months of heavy equipment and the earth shaking at our offices. They were able to get it done in time for Grandma's Marathon. Now Superior street is almost finally open from one end to the other end. Almost there.

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