If you thought the big Halloween blizzard of 1991 was bad, just know it could have been a little bit worse - maybe!

The National Weather Service had a little bit of fun on their Facebook page Wednesday (October 30th), posting some fun facts regarding highs and lows and yes, snow.

NWS of Duluth looked at different statistics from Halloweens past for areas across the region, including Duluth, Ashland and International Falls.

They looked at the warmest Halloween, the coldest and the snowiest for each of the areas. We all know that Duluth saw the snowiest Halloween in 1991 but when did it see the coldest? The answer is 1878.

Yup - in 1878, we saw the coldest Halloween on record in Duluth. The low was eight degrees. To put that into perspective, the average for Halloween in the area is about 30 degrees. Brrr! Take a look at the rest of their statistics below:

I guess I will think twice before I complain about being cold. Ha!

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