I'm a big fan of engines that burn fossil fuels like diesel and gasoline, also known as internal combustion engines or ICE, for short.  Still, as much as I like old muscle car engines, big diesels for hauling equipment and motorcycles, I'm a fan of new tech too.

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Like it or not, we are headed into a more electric vehicle society.  A total electric takeover is something I probably won't see in my lifetime though.  We don't have the infrastructure yet to support that in the United States, and it will take time and money of course to build.

There is also the factor that doesn't get talked about a lot when they are trying to sell you an electric vehicle, and that is the mining practices.  Phones, other tech, and yes, even electric vehicles require precious metals to operate at least for now, and mining practices overseas are not pleasant.  In some places kids are employed to mine, and there is little concern for safety or protection of the environment.

Set aside that dark aspect of electric vehicles, and let's look at owning one in the Twin Ports.

When Ford announced the all-electric F-150 Lightning, I'll admit, I was intrigued.  A truck I don't have to put gas in?  Sounds great, I pull equipment often enough though, and range while pulling as with any electric vehicle is not always ideal.  Also, much like when you are running low on gasoline or diesel and can't find a filling station nearby, charging anxiety I feel would be a concern of mine if all electric.

While waiting for an electric truck able to meet my range needs while hauling, I won't look at buying one anytime soon.  A car is a possibility though, and of course you can have chargers installed in your home to meet those needs.

Around the Duluth and Superior areas, there are some other electric vehicle charging options.  Within a ten-mile radius of Duluth, there are 13 electric vehicle charging stations listed online.  Each will vary in charging speed and cost if any, so there are some options.

Spanning an even farther range, is a list claiming there are 251 from Gordon, Wisconsin, all the way up to Crane Lake, Minnesota and over to Chisolm, Minnesota.  PlugShare is a great resource if you are in need of charging an electric vehicle.

I'll say that number on PlugShare surprised me and there are charging stations in areas I would have totally guessed they wouldn't have one.  Maybe that all electric pickup truck isn't as far off as I thought it was for living in the Twin Ports.


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