When it comes to watching sports there is nothing people like more than trying to predict the outcome, but which sport is the easiest to gaze into the crystal ball?

Before any professional sport's season gets going one of the first things reported on are the projected champions. Sometimes the predictions are right, but most of the time they are wrong.

Heading into the NBA playoffs, many predicted the Miami Heat would repeat as champions. However, LeBron and company seem to have run into their biggest challenge yet -- four games into the Eastern Conference finals, the Indiana Pacers have the series tied at two games apiece.

In the NHL, the Detroit Red Wings seemed like they would be able to beat the Chicago Blackhawks, but instead Chicago pulled off a huge comeback to eliminate Detroit from the playoffs.

Usually football is pretty easy to pick a winner on Sunday, but every now and then an underdog rises above to beat the favorite.

In baseball, it's really anybody's game. The best pitcher could be off, giving a bad team an outside shot of winning. If a team's offense isn't working, that can also cause a favored team to fall.

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