When my kids were younger I considered myself a pretty cool step mom. I tried to be really open with them and answer any questions that they may have. I also was well aware of how many more things kids are exposed to now in daily life and of course on the internet. Kids these days grow up quickly whether we want them to or not. But, I still believe that somethings are not meant for kids to be exposed to if it can be helped.

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If you go into any Halloween store now some of the decorations are so life like that they could send a chill down an adults spine, but that is where parents or guardians need to step in to explain that the stuff is make believe and not real. That I understand, even the creepy zombie babies which personally freak me out and I think are in poor taste, most kids understand they are fake.

This house in the Northland (pictured below) although has quite the massive amount of inflatables, has a great mix of some a little scary and some funny decorations. Kids and adults would love this.

Photo: Jeanne Ryan/ TSM

When you put decorations out in your yard for the general public to view as an adult you have a responsibility to understand that kids will see this stuff and maybe will not always have an adult with them to explain things to them. Most inflatables and decorations are cute, funny and sometimes pretty scary but they are easy for kids to see that they are not real. But if you have a bloody arm sticking out the bottom of a garage door they may not figure that out. Again that is each persons discretion, but something to think about.

But when it comes to sexually explicit decorations that is where adults need to use some common sense. Are you going to wear the naughty nurse costume with the plunging cleavage to your child's Halloween party at school? Probably not.  Some costumes and decorations are meant only for adults and here is where it gets sticky.      Here is a perfect example of an inflatable that I think is completely inappropriate to have out in public view. Can you imagine walking by someone's house or trick or treating with your kids to come upon this? You can buy this on Amazon for $85.00.

Photo: Amazon

Now if you are having a party with other adults and this is in your house or backyard, hey no worries do your thing. Again my concern would be for kids to see this. Thankfully I believe most people in the Northland would know better than to put something like this out in their yard for everyone to see. I totally get it if you want to put a little scare out there, that is all part of Halloween, but this is too much!

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