KISS aren't planning to put out a new studio album because fans wouldn't "embrace new material," according to Paul Stanley, the band's co-founder and longtime co-vocalist and rhythm guitarist.

The musician said as much during a fan Q&A session aboard KISS Kruise X, the 2021 installment of the classic rock band's annual concert-at-sea bash that just returned to shore on Nov. 3. When asked if there were any ideas to issue new KISS music, the rocker invoked The Rolling Stones and a signature song the Stones recently stopped playing in his answer.

"Why would we need a new KISS album?" Stanley replied. "Any big classic band with a history, you go, 'Oh, put out a new album.' If the Stones put out a new album, you go, 'Oh, that's great, play 'Brown Sugar.'' … Yeah, maybe not now. But the same is true for us. You can have great songs on the more recent albums, but people then go, 'Great. Play 'Love Gun.''" [via Blabbermouth]

He continued, "You really love the old songs, and nobody is going to embrace new material, no matter how good it is, like you do the past. Because those songs are like snapshots from your past, and you're connected to them in a way new material never could be."

KISS have released two albums of new material in the last 23 years, 2009's Sonic Boom and 2012's Monster. From 1974 to 1998, they issued 18 studio albums.

And performing those old songs is where KISS currently keep their focus, which Stanley acknowledged. "We're happy going out and playing," he added. "That's where we live. That's our turf, is the stage."

Stanley's remarks echo similar comments he made in March when he told USA Today that he didn't "really see a reason" for KISS to release a new album. "Honestly, at this point, there isn't a real reward in it," he said.

KISS recently finished the 2021 U.S. leg of their latest farewell tour. Concerts were affected when Stanley and bandmate Gene Simmons tested positive for COVID-19. KISS were due to play a Las Vegas residency to end the year but it has reportedly since been canceled.

KISS Kruise XI is already scheduled for fall 2022, to set sail from Los Angeles and stop in Cabo San Lucas and Ensenada, Mexico. Head to

Watch a video of the full Q&A below.

KISS Kruise X Fan Q&A

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