There is no way you won't get emotional after reading this story. A Wisconsin restaurant owner has started a movement of sorts to help out other restaurants in his area amid the pandemic.

The owner of a Mexican restaurant in Stevens Point is going viral right now for his movement. For months, he has been purchasing gift cards to other restaurants in his community in an effort to help businesses that are struggling because of COVID-19.

From there, Adolfo, the restaurant owner, has been holding giveaways and contests to his following, offering up the gift cards to those that win the contests. Not only does he give away gift cards, but he also encourages this Facebook following to like and follow said businesses on their social media pages as another way to give back and spread the word.

According to news outlets who covered the story, he has spent thousands on the gift cards out of his own pocket in an effort to support the businesses.

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This man deserves a round of applause and then some. His restaurant is a tex-mex spot called El Mezcal. Stevens Point is located just four hours from the Duluth / Superior area. I will definitely be supporting his business if I pass through the area.

Although 2020 was a tough and trying year for so many, there have been many amazing stories of giving back and people helping others to come out of the pandemic. This is a great example of that. Let's all continue to support local businesses and give back into 2021 as well.

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