When nature calls, Mary Ramos Martin would prefer you didn’t answer.

Police arrested the Immokalee, Florida woman after she stabbed her boyfriend Saturday when they got into an argument over how long he spent in a bathroom.

Martin got all Chucky on the guy when she allegedly stabbed the unlucky fella with a 10-inch knife, causing a gash that measured a foot long. Martin wasn’t done reaching her inner Ginsu because she is also accused of stabbing him a second time, resulting in a minor-by-comparison six-inch mark.

After the incident, Martin fled their home before police captured her. Apparently, Martin was ticked off at her man because she felt he was spending too much time in a public restroom where there just happened to be a naked woman. Hey, who amongst us hasn’t been in that position, right?

It’s unclear if Martin and her boyfriend are still together, but we’re betting if they are the next time they go out for a nice steak dinner, he’ll be mighty nervous when she starts cutting into her T-bone.

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