I think we can all safely agree that the best Jurassic Park movie is Jurassic Park. (If we can’t safely agree about that, I think we’re probably done here.)

But which Jurassic Park is the worst? Now that is a matter of some debate. Each sequel has something going for it; good performances, incredible special effects, ferocious dinosaurs. And most have problems too; recycled storylines, dumb villains, subplots about clones. In 30 years of trying, there hasn’t been a great Jurassic Park sequel. Arguably, there hasn’t even been a good one.

You can find more of the good and the bad this series always seems to offer in Jurassic World: Dominion, which combines the casts of Jurassic Park and Jurassic World in a story about a race to save humanity from total extinction. It features highlights like Jeff Goldblum’s swaggering chaos theorist Ian Malcolm and a wild motorcycle raptor chase in Malta, but it also contains yet another trip to a faraway nature preserve filled with dinosaurs that goes terrible wrong. (Plus, you guessed it: More nonsense with clones.)

Now that the whole saga is complete, we’ve tried to decide how these movies compare once and for all. Again, there’s no point in including Jurassic Park among the rankings; it’s the obvious and only choice for the best. But the rest? After a rewatch of the entire franchise, here’s where we landed, starting from the Jurassic sequel that’s maybe a little underrated to the one that is closest in experience to getting eaten by a dinosaur..

The Jurassic Park Sequels Ranked From Kind of Watchable to Horrible

Jurassic Park has produced five sequels, none of them wildly spectacular. Here they are, ranked from best (or okay-est) to worst.
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