Back in 1993 the movie Jurassic Park was released and in it's own way became a classic pretty quickly.

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Between the great writing, acting, storyline, visuals, and of course the music, it's just all around a solid film.  It's one that you can, and many did watch multiple times and it takes a lot for it to get old, it's just good.

Back in April, the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center had tickets available for an event called "Jurassic Park In Concert".  As our whole family enjoys the film, I snagged three tickets for the August showing for about $140 total with all associated fees.  These seats put us on the main floor of the auditorium in the middle section and quite a bit back.

The "In Concert" part of the event was the Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra playing the soundtrack while the movie played on a screen with the spoken dialog and subtitles added as well.

Having been to more movies in the theater than I can count, and being a massive fan of live music, I have to say this was one of the coolest movie experiences.  The soundtrack for Jurassic Park stands alone as incredible with the movie, but to have a live orchestra playing all of the notes was next level.

Jurassic Park Jeep- Photo Credit: Joe Danger
Jurassic Park Jeep- Photo Credit: Joe Danger

I watch movies and TV at home with subtitles, so I enjoyed that they added that to the show.  It also helped because at times the music overpowered the dialog a smidgen, but no one cared because of the almost immersive experience.

The other neat aspect was there were some kiddos there who I assume had never seen the original film, and their jump reactions to parts were fun to watch.  People all over the auditorium were smiling, cheering, clapping, and just enjoying themselves all around.


If you missed it, you missed out on a lot of fun and I hope the DSSO can orchestrate other movie events like Jurassic Park In Concert to take movie viewing to the next level.

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