Back in November of 2018 the community of Cook, MN suffered a devastating loss. The local grocery store, Zup's, burned down in a major fire that resulted in a total loss. In some places this wouldn't have been such a big deal, but for Cook this was a tough loss. The nearest grocery store was in nearby Tower or Virginia, which is a lengthy drive.  Zup's was a hub in the small town that was vital to the infrastructure of the community.

Owners adapted and early on began delivery service from the Tower Zup's to residents in Cook. Eventually they were able to open up a small market in a small adjacent building that would offer many essential items.

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There were some obstacles on the rebuild,  but after nearly a year and a half the Zupancich was able to open the store on May 20th. Locals described the new store as absolutely beautiful. According to WDIO, there was even a grill out celebrating the opening from the Cook Volunteer Fire Department.

The Cook Chamber of Commerce put together a welcome back video from local businesses, showing their support for Zup's owner Matt and the grocery store.

Zup's is also known for their home made sausages and smoked fish. I'm excited to see the new store for myself when I'm up north this weekend. Like many others, it's been a challenge getting by without the grocery store when we've spent time at our family cabin in the area. It's great to see the community come together and support this local business, as they have also done their best to support the community through a tough time.

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