My dad introduced me to ZZ Top many years ago, and while he's not majorly into rock music, that was one of the band introductions that helped get me into it.  He had mentioned he wanted to see them when the list of the Minnesota State Fair bands were announced so for Father's Day, he got tickets from his favorite son.

ZZ Top closed out the last day of the fair as part of their 50th anniversary tour with Cheap Trick opening things for the night.  Cheap Trick was good, but I feel like they didn't warm up before the show, and it took about 3 songs or so for lead singer Robin Zander and guitarist Rick Nielsen to really be set to rock.  They also didn't play a couple of songs I would have expected them to play but noticed they did on other recent stops.  For the most part though, they sounded good and can still rock.

As for ZZ Top, those guys even after 50 years, still define cool.  They still rock, they still know how to put on a show, and they still sound incredible!  It's amazing to me the amount of sound that a 3 piece band with just a drummer, bassist, and guitarist can put out.  They played most of the staple hits the casual listener would want to hear and while it wasn't stated, I think their set was cut a little short due to weather.  A little over halfway through, they lowered the side viewing screens because of the wind, and not long after the show ended heavy rains came down.

ZZ Top at Minnesota State Fair 2019- Photo Credit: Joe Danger
ZZ Top at Minnesota State Fair 2019- Photo Credit: Joe Danger

Regardless of the setlist length, the show was amazing.  What really made the night complete for me was seeing how much my mom and dad enjoyed the show.  I've seen ZZ Top before, but they both hadn't and I think they genuinely enjoyed both bands.

I don't know how much longer they will be touring but if they go for 51 years, I can't wait to catch them again.

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