ARENA has been rocking the Midwest for Over 10 Years.  They are an incredibly experienced and high energy rock group out of Minnesota.  They have shared the stage with artists like Kid Rock, SIXX AM, Faster Pussycat, Jackyl, Hairball, and plenty more.  You've maybe seen them at bigger festivals too like Moondance Jam or RockFest.  Personally I've caught their shows at many venues over the years and it's always a good time watching them play.

ARENA cranks out 3-part harmonies, and their stage production is great too.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we still aren't seeing much in the way of live music open to the public yet.  Like other groups have been doing, ARENA is going to live stream a concert.  If you are still working Monday-Friday, it's even going to be on a Saturday night.  So you can have a good excuse to enjoy some cocktails and watch some rock and roll.

On Saturday, June 13th, ARENA's show will be online for you to see live from Marko's Basement.  You can find out more about ARENA on their Facebook Page here, and also get more information about the live show.  In addition, you can join the "Live from Marko's Basement" private group.  If you plan on watching the show, make sure you join early and agree to the simple to follow group rules.

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