ZZ Top will release a new vinyl set focusing on their early albums titled Cinco: The First Five LPs. The box, which includes heavyweight 180-gram vinyl reissues of ZZ Top's First Album, Rio Grande Mud, Tres Hombres, Fandango! and Tejas, has been designed to look like the band's custom "Nudie Suits." The superior original mixes of the albums will be used, rather than the much-derided versions originally found on the 1987 Six Pack box set.

Recorded at Robin Hood Studios in Tyler, Texas, ZZ Top's First Album helped establish the group's signature blues-rock sound. Rio Grand Mud, also recorded in Tyler, includes fan favorites like "Just Got Paid" and "Francine." Tres Hombres, ZZ Top's commercial breakthrough, arrived next. This gold-selling Top 10 album features the hit "La Grange."

Fandango!, which paired studio recordings and music from a live performance at the Warehouse in New Orleans, again went gold – this time on the strength of ZZ Top's first Top 10 single, "Tush." Tejas, another gold-selling hit, reached the Top 20 and includes "Arrested for Driving While Blind." All five albums were released between 1971-76.

Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill and Frank Beard will be in the midst of their ongoing Tonnage Tour in the weeks leading up the June 9 release of Cinco. ZZ Top scheduled a total of eight shows in their native Texas – something a news release pointed out was purely intentional.

They then head to Europe in July. Visit ZZ Top's official site for more details.

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