If you grow up with a name that can swing either way, you better be able to either take the ridicule or find some way to man up. Well, all of the guys on the list below chose the latter, becoming quintessential badasses in their own realms.

There’s no doubt that at one point or another these guys, too, got made fun of for having a name typically associated with the opposite sex. However, it didn’t seem to throw them off their path of being successful, famous and rather badass.

Jesse James


The former Mr. Sandra Bullock, former CEO of West Coast Choppers and current television personality is, if anything, an absolute badass. Jesse rose to fame as the host of ‘Monster Garage’ on the Discovery Channel and moved on to create a rather successful career.

From constructing custom motorcycles to dating tattoo artist and reality TV star Kat Von D, Jesse James is the ultimate All-American badass.

Kelly Slater


Don’t let the name fool you, folks. Kelly Slater is a badass’s badass. He is, of course, a professional surfer who rose to fame for taking on some of the biggest and most difficult waves known to man. Oh, and he’s also been crowned a world champion surfer 11 times. In fact, he is known as the most successful champion in the history of the sport.

Pretty badass, wouldn’t you say?

Jamie Foxx


Who would have known that this Oscar winner started as a stand-up comedian? Yet, for some reason, he decided to throw down his mic and pick up some serious roles, all of which moved him up to a superstar level.


He’s since moved on to star in some incredibly badass roles in films such as ‘The Kingdom,’ ‘Miami Vice,’ ‘Jarhead’ and even ‘Ray’ — who says Ray Charles wasn’t a badass?

Kim Coates


How could this list be complete without adding in ‘Tig’ from ‘Sons of Anarchy?’ He is, of course, played by the ever so badass Kim Coates. Kim’s acting ability is something very unique, bringing in a rugged badass tone to whatever role he takes on.


We think he’s done a pretty good job at filling the spot of badass on our list.

Stacy Keach


Google Image this American actor and you’ll pretty much see why he’s on our list. His face has that unforgettable look of don’t mess with him. Stacy Keach might not be your typical biker or model-like badass but he’s surely one that deserves a spot on our list. Just watch him in ‘American History X.’ That alone should convince you.

The Outlaw Jesse James


Outlaws are badass. Enough said. Jesse James was a gang leader, an outlaw, a bank robber, a murderer and a train robber. Now, while we don’t necessarily condone those occupations, we do feel it’s hard not to be a badass while holding a gun and wearing a suit. But don’t worry; he’s dead.

Terry O’Quinn


If you don’t think Terry O’Quinn was badass as the sometimes wheelchair-bound John Locke on ABC’s ‘Lost,’ we think you should watch the series again. From boar hunting to murder, Locke had no problem risking anything in order to find his purpose for being on the island. Now, if you need a little extra push, how about his portrayal of the Man In Black in the show’s sixth season? That’s got to give him a huge boost on the badass meter. Yeah, we thought so.


Marilyn Manson


Yes, we know it’s not his real name, but come on. Marilyn Manson is a badass in his own element. Look at him out and about during interviews with well-respected people such as David Letterman or Bill O’Reilly. The guy just doesn’t care what anyone thinks and has no problem talking to anyone, not to mention unleashing any opinions or beliefs he has. Admit it; he’s a badass.


Jaidon Codrington


We need not say, but boxing is a badass sport. And 27-year-old Jaidon Codrington is no different. Giving and taking punches for a living is a decision that not many of us could make. Or we could, but we’d just say no!


Not only is Jaidon a badass boxer but he is also a little bit of a celebrity, having appeared in the reality television series ‘The Contender.’ He went nearly all the way, losing the final round to Sakio Bika. Still, is anyone going to tell this guy he isn’t a badass?

Jesse Ventura


Whether this guy is throwing people from the ropes in the wrestling ring, talking politics or spouting a dialogued-filled rant about government conspiracies, we’re pretty sure Jesse Ventura is an absolute badass.


This guy went from being a professional wrestler to the governor of Minnesota! A statesman… crazy isn’t it? No matter how you feel about Jesse’s politics, he is a solid addition to our list.

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