When it comes to Thanksgiving, most of the celebrations I attend have some sort of alcohol to pair with dinner.

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Many times, that alcohol ends up being some kind of wine.  I've seen red and white options depending on the host and what all sides they have with the meal.  When it comes to the staple main course of Thanksgiving, a turkey, my favorite drink with the bird is not wine.

Sure, I'll drink wine if provided, but as far as a good alcohol pairing with turkey, consider bourbon.  For whatever reasons, that brown liquor seems to just go with the turkey flow though be warned, it might not be the best with some of the sides.

The kind of bourbon shouldn't matter much, but don't go too cheap.  If you want a good all-around Kentucky bourbon, consider an offering like Four Roses.  It's got a nice smooth finish and there are minor hints of fruit in it which probably helps it pair with turkey.  At about thirty bucks a bottle, it won't break the bank and as a guest, it's a nice bottle to bring to contribute at dinner time.

One that costs a bit more and will put a bit of hair on your chest but mellows nice with a few cubes of ice is Bulleit Barrel Strength.  Not only good on ice, but this also makes one hell of an Old Fashioned that will pack a punch too.

If you haven't before, consider trying bourbon with your turkey this year, and report back and let me know what you think.

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