Sometimes you don't know what people are thinking. Why did they buy something in the first place, and why are they selling it? I cruise through the Duluth/Superior Facebook Marketplace and always find some really odd things. I think I have found you 10 really odd ones and I will explain why I think they are odd.

We in the Northland are a little odd. Wait, before you get mad at me or write a snide comment below, you have to admit sometimes we come up with unique things to do in the snow and some strange things to eat. So, you would think we also buy something that we think will work out and then want our money back.

These items are such items. Something I wonder why they bought and why they are selling it, and whether they will get money for it.

10 Oddball Things Sold On Duluth/Superior Facebook Marketplace

11 Things That Happen After Every Twin Ports Cold Snap

It never fails: after a cold snap in the Twin Ports, we take to our post-chilly routine, which includes getting a car wash and wearing shorts.
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How To Get Your Lawn Ready For Fall

You keep up with it all summer long; the watering, the seeding, fertilizing, mowing, raking - it seems like a never ending chore that's thankless at its core. Maybe that's why at the first sign of colored leaves on the trees and falling temperatures, many quickly give up the task of lawn care.

And who could blame those who abandon lawn care right after Labor Day and the start of school; cutting the grass isn't really fun to begin with and those extra steps needed to ensure a green and lush lawn (fertilizer, thatching) are just more work than many care to put in.

But totally ignoring your lawn during the fall isn't the best choice of action - especially if you want a nice looking one come spring.

Thankfully, fall lawn care isn't all that much different from what you've been doing all summer long. Here are some good tips to get your lawn ready for to hibernate during winter and press back into shape once springtime rolls around.

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