Duluth has rich history and a lot of scenic beauty.  Whether you live in the area, grew up in the area, or just love to visit, you'll likely enjoy having books on hand that share your passion.

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From a coloring book to history books, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to Duluth-themed books. Here are 11 that are available on Amazon. In fact, if you click on any of the books below you'll be able to order them right now.


11 Books Featuring The Duluth, Minnesota Area You Can Get On Amazon

If you're a proud Duluthian, a former Duluthian who has moved away and want to have a piece of home with you, or just looking for a gift idea, there are Duluth area themed books available through Amazon. Here are 11 books that you could have delivered to your door, just click on any of them to order now.

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