A couple of Friday nights ago, we went to a concert at the DECC in Duluth.

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To save on paying for parking, we parked at Downtown Duluth's Holiday Inn ramp where I get free parking and decided to take the skywalk over to the venue.

As we were starting our travels through the skywalk, security was locking up the doors and I asked if we would be able to get back when the concert was over, to this he replied "no".

According to him, about four months back it was decided to lock up the skywalk system at 7 or so each evening.  I assume this is due to recent issues there have been in the skywalk with crime and other less than favorable things.

Considering many people visit the Twin Ports for various concerts, events, and so forth throughout the year, especially in summer, this is a bummer.

I reached out to the City of Duluth that night via email, and as of today still have not received a response on why the skywalk is being locked up, though I am pretty sure I know their answer.

To me, especially on the eve of summer events in the Twin Ports at the DECC and Bayfront area, it would make more sense to have the skywalk patrolled rather than shutdown.  Many people stay at hotels downtown such as the Holiday Inn or dine out before a show and then take the skywalk over.

Do you think that Duluth's Skywalk should be locked down at around 7PM in the evening, or should it be left open until say around 11:30 or Midnight and monitored properly to deal with any issues?

As an update, I did hear from Downtown Duluth and apparently, there was a miscommunication on skywalk hours.  On event nights the skywalk is to remain open until 11:00 PM, which is great news.  According to others the evening of the show we attended, the skywalk was unlocked on their way back.  It will also be open until 11:00 PM from the Radisson Hotel to the Holiday Inn, and to the DECC for this week's Breaking Benjamin, and also Mercy Me shows.

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