May is the time of the year in the Twin Ports that you generally don't think much about sunburn.  That's usually more of a June, July, and August type thing.  With how windy it's been so far this month, and quite cool on most days other than a few, I really wasn't thinking about getting burnt.

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It also hasn't been overly sunny out, so again, another reason to not think of getting out the sunscreen.  After yesterday, what I would call an actual nice day in the Twin Ports, I felt the burn in the evening.

Spending the day getting the bikes ready for summer, I was outside quite a bit and while it was warm and the sun was mostly out, I apparently didn't cover my head enough.  I'm part of the shaved head club, and even with being out for a few hours, my dome is scorched and so is my nose.

I also got burned some on the tops of my hands, so it's a good reminder that even in May around Duluth and Superior, some of us up north vampire skinned people need to cover up or wear sunscreen.  Even when it's cloudy out or cloudyish, you can get bit by the sun and it's no fun.

Another reminder that I forget every year is to drink plenty of water while you are recovering from a sunburn.  Doing so helps prevent dehydration because the sunburn pulls fluids closer to the burn and away from the rest of the body.  So, the more fluids you consume, in theory the better you'll feel while healing up.

Having had second degree burns from the sun on my head before, I can tell you it's not fun.  So do what you can to protect yourself and kiddos from it, even in the Twin Ports before June.

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