The Minnesota Vikings were left out in the cold yesterday after losing a hard fought game on a missed 27-yard field goal from Blair Walsh. But despite the loss, it's time to move on and look forward to the future, here are 5 reasons I'm excited for the 2016 season.

  • 1

    US Bank Stadium

    Goodbye TCF Bank Stadium and hello US Bank Stadium, the Vikings new billion dollar home will open this year, and it seems like this stadium will be one of the, if not the, nicest stadium(s) in the NFL. The Vikings will be a better team in their new permanent home; indoors, fast turf and other team amenities will just create a better game day experience for both fan and player.

  • 2

    Coach Zimmer

    I have no doubt in my mind that Mike Zimmer is the coach that will deliver Vikings fans a Super Bowl win. Coach Zimmer has proven that he can coach with the best of them, and like the players, he will just get better as a coach each year. He has surrounded himself with some amazing coaches, like Norv Turner, who did a good job this year trying to balance the offence between Adrian and Teddy. I'm excited about this coaching staff, and can't wait to see what they have planned for 2016.

  • 3

    Teddy Bridgewater

    Teddy Bridgewater may not have had the season that everyone hoped for, but he didn't go backwards and he is certainly better than anything we've seen at that position, except Favre, since Daunte Culpepper. The only thing really missing from Teddy's game right now is the long ball, he has a problem with passes over 20-yards, but I'm hoping that will be a point of emphasis for him and the offence in 2016.

  • 4

    No Drama

    2015 started with a little baggage left over from the Adrian Peterson child abuse case, but other than that, this team has been trouble free, no arrests or scandals, coach Zimmer has these players acting like men and not boys. I'm hoping that this trend continues into 2016.

  • 5

    Adrian Peterson

    Adrian Peterson has proven, once again, that he is the best running back in the NFL. He rushed for 1,485-yards this year and shows no signs of stopping. He still has his faults, like fumbling in important games, but he's motivated to play in the Super Bowl in his home state of Texas next year, so I like a motivated AP on my team in 2016.