It's happened to us all. When attending a concert, the merchandise table can be almost irresistible. After picking out the shirt you want the most and anything else, you leave the show high on the experience, proudly displaying proof you were there. On the walk to the car, you pass by a dozen bootleggers selling counterfeit merchandise you just saw inside and at half the price with none of the money supporting the band. AC/DC are looking to thwart these bootleggers on their upcoming tour and have filed a lawsuit to help prevent it.

According to TMZ, the Australian rock powerhouse has moved forward in filing a lawsuit which will send U.S Marshals and police officers to several cities on their upcoming tour. The first stop will be in Tacoma, Wash. and AC/DC would like these authorities to arrest all offenders and seize all counterfeit merchandise. The band will be out in support of their 2014 release, Rock or Bust and everyone in attendance better rock or get busted!

The quintet spent a sizable chunk of 2015 on the road and sold more tickets than any of their touring musical contemporaries. Selling more than 2.31 million tickets, AC/DC outsold pop/country sensation Taylor Swift by about 40,000 tickets and grossed $180 million as a result.

The group have been digging their heels in since 1975, establishing themselves as one of the most powerful forces in music and rightfully deserve any monetization of their music and brand, which includes merchandise sold at concerts.

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