It's been cold in the Twin Ports for the last few days and while it's going to warm up soon, there is no doubt we could have other cold snaps before old man winter departs.

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There is of course ice fishing, skiing, snowshoeing and many things you might normally do, but when it hits -40 with windchill, even that stuff isn't as much fun.  The alternative is of course to stay inside, though that can get boring if you're not into long bouts of video games and want to do something less mindless.  Here are a few ideas of things to keep you busy when it's too cold to be outside:

Create A New Drink


This certainly doesn't have to be alcoholic but I'm going to assume that's what you'll be making.  Afterall, bourbon wouldn't be a thing if we weren't meant to drink it.  You could of course look up recipes, but instead get creative and think outside the box.  Do you have a favorite mixer that is your usual or go-to for drinks?  Change it up, try a different soda, or various mixers that are new to you, or try mixing alcohols.  If you don't want to venture out for such things, many places deliver.  If you've never tried a ginger beer in your drinks, Goslings is a solid one and can be delivered.

Do A CrossFit Workout At Home

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You're probably reading this and thinking it was all going to be lazy things to do, hang in there though, I'll get to more of that.  I bring up CrossFit as I've been attending classes in person and as much as the burn can hurt, I'm feeling great, so it's a good burn.  You don't need a lot of gym items to do it at home, in fact many of the exercises are just using your body weight.  The Athletic Build has a nice list of CrossFit exercises for the individual who wants a solid workout without leaving the house when it's cold outside.

Get Into That Book You've Been Putting Off Reading


I'm guilty of buying books and waiting forever to read them.  For me, I enjoy books about bands or various musicians.  I recently purchased The Storyteller by Dave Grohl of Nirvana and Foo Fighters fame.  By recently, I mean before Christmas, and it's now almost February.  I'm a huge Dave Grohl fan so you'd think I would have got into it right away, but I'm also great at procrastination.  If not a new book, revisit one of your favorites that you haven't touched in years.

Plan A Vacation Away From The Cold

Las Vegas Fully Reopens As Most COVID-19 Restrictions Expire
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Yes, vacations cost money, but what is a few days out of winter worth?  For me, a lot.  While I'd much prefer a Mexico getaway, we do have Vegas booked for March.  It's at least a few days away from winter even if it's when the season is winding down.  Obviously COVID-19 might be a limiting factor of where you can go or what you're comfortable doing, but if that's not holding you back, get out of dodge for a few days.  Vegas vacation packages aren't that expensive depending on where you're flying out of, and what's great about there is the massive options of things to do outside in warmer weather.  We did book our trip some time ago but it's a good time killer when it's cold out to even research things to do there leading up to the trip.

Expand Your Music Taste


Even though I prefer harder rock or metal music, I do listen to many different genres.  The issue I have though is I get stuck in ruts of listening to the same bands.  If it's familiar and I like it, sometimes it's hard to branch out.  One good tip to discover new-to-you music is Googling bands that are similar to the ones you like.  You might just find yourself down a rabbit hole exploring artists you haven't even heard of.  Or reach out to your friends who have similar or even different musical taste to get a vibe of what they are currently digging.  If you are stuck in the rut I mentioned above, try checking out live albums or versions of songs from your favorite artists.  The best part of this is you can do it while sipping on the new drink you crafted while hanging at home.

Research Your Summer Hobbies

Thousands Gather For Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Amid COVID-19 Pandemic
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My summer or at least non-winter hobby is motorcycles.  From camping to cars though, there is always plenty to read on what's new for the year in the cold winter months.  For motorcycles, a lot of new models get released in the winter and that means new accessories and fun add-ons to check out while I'm waiting to ride.  At a minimum, start planning that next bike or camping trip and it can make winter feel a lot less cold while you're waiting it out.  If you haven't yet, check out the 2022 Harley-Davidson lineup.

What's on your list for things to do inside when winter is just too cold?

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