When it's winter in the Twin Ports all of us aren't necessarily the outdoors type.  That can often include the whole family.

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While the area offers plenty to do outside, the cost of required items and some of the gear needed to have a fun and safe time outdoors just isn't practical for every family.

Staying indoors more in the winter often means a lot of screen time which can be okay to a point, and sure, you can play board games, but every family doesn't have a large variety of those.

As they are great at providing, the Duluth Public Library will be hosting another great family event that will keep everyone out of the cold and entertained.

On Saturday, January 27th a free Family Gaming Day will be hosted at the main Duluth Library in Downtown Duluth.  From 10:00AM-4:00PM all you need to do is show up and games appropriate for a wide range of ages will be on hand for the whole family to enjoy.

Besides various board and other types of games provided families are encouraged to bring their own if they want too.  In addition, the library will also have a Nintendo Swtich and Wii U available too.

Keep in mind that while this event is for the whole family, kids seven and younger need to be accompanied by an adult.  This event will be a great way to enjoy time with the whole family while staying indoors and no registration is required, just show up and have fun.

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