Last year Alice Cooper released his 27th album and it had several special guests on it, with members of U2, Deep Purple, and ZZ Top making appearances.

Paranormal is the album title and if you haven't dug into it yet I suggest you do.  It's Alice Cooper through and through.  In addition to the new songs, you get some bonus live tracks of Alice at a Columbus show from 2016.  There is even 2 new songs written and performed entirely by the original Alice Cooper band.

August 30th Alice is making a stop in Minnesota on his A Paranormal Evening with Alice Cooper Tour at the Ordway Center for Performing Arts in St. Paul.  I can assure you his shows are a actual show, not just a band playing music, it truly is an experience seeing him live.  Check out the video for "Holy Water" below and make sure you tune in to Nights with Alice Cooper from 11PM-5AM, Saturdays from 7PM-Midnight, and Sundays from Midnight-5AM on The Squatch.

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