Halloween is upon us and that means all things spooky, ghosts, goblins and things that go bump in the night. It also means diving a bit more into the history of some haunted places in the area, including one of the most popular attractions in Duluth.

Of course, I am talking about the St. Louis County Depot. The building is a staple in downtown Duluth and features the Lake Superior Railroad Museum and the famous North Shore Scenic Railroad. With such a historic attraction comes a few guests that never left the building.

We had Ken Buehler in studio on Thursday (October 20th) to tell some ghost stories of the famous St. Louis County Depot in Duluth. I had talked to him before and picked his brain about if the spot was haunted since it is basically Duluth folklore that it is.

He told me that the spot is haunted and that he has photographic evidence to back it up! I was absolutely shocked when he told me stories of the St. Louis County Depot being haunted and sent me the picture in question. Prepare to have your mind blown.

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First and foremost, we should say that the legend of the St. Louis County Depot building being haunted is all but fact at this point. In fact, the St. Louis County Depot is even hosting ghost tours this month because as they put it, "with 130 years of history" in the books, the venue has its "fair share" of ghost stories to tell. (The building was built in 1892, by the way.)

As if this doesn't convince you enough that the spot is indeed haunted, how about some photographic evidence? Ken Buehler is the General Manager of the North Shore Scenic Railroad and the Executive Director of the Lake Superior Railroad Museum. He sent me a photo taken at the St. Louis County Depot of a couple on their wedding day in the venue.

The only problem? It looks like one ghost was not happy about the pairing and can be spotted in the corner of the photo looking on. There's some history behind this little girl ghost and according to Ken Buehler, she is the only spirit that haunts the spot regularly.

It all began a few years back when an employee was in the attic. The employee felt a cold wave come through the area and that's when she noticed the ghost of a little girl, dressed in a white dress with a bonnet in a turn-of-the-century style.

The ghost girl was looking up at something and when the employee followed her line of sight, she noticed what that was: a wicker baby basket. The second part of the story takes us to a wedding, where a couple was having their first dance at the venue.

The wedding did not have any children in attendance and at the time, nobody noticed a thing. It wasn't until after the wedding when the couple was looking at photos they noticed someone lurking in the corner!

In the picture, you can clearly see a little girl, crouched in the corner in the same outfit the employee described. She is there in the first two photos and was gone in the third. Wow! See for yourself below:

HAUNTED DULUTH: Ghost Of Young Girl Caught On Camera

If you are finally recovered from seeing the scary photo, take another deep breath because it doesn't end there. While Ken Buehler says he has never seen the ghost girl himself, there is a little handprint in a closed-off area of the St. Louis County Depot that nobody has access to. The room has bars on it so nobody can get in and has been like that since the 1970s.

If you're really spooked, don't worry. While paranormal ghost hunters have caught other supernatural activity while investigating there, the little ghost girl is the main ghost that does the haunting, aside from an orb or two.

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