If you have family reunion coming up, or just want to gather with family or a group of friends, then you absolutely need to check out his fantastic Airbnb that is located in Grand Marais, Minnesota.

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Not only will 14 guests be able to stay here comfortably with plenty of room and a huge kitchen, but the location and related views are unsurpassed.


As you look through this Airbnb, you'll likely realize you don't have to travel far to stay somewhere very unique and beautiful.

This Luxurious Minnesota Airbnb Places You On The Shore Of Lake Superior

People seem to be seeking out an Airbnb experience more and more when they travel as it's usually a great way to enjoy a hand-picked unique experience while often spending less than a traditional hotel stay.

Those looking for a northern Minnesota getaway near Lake Superior must check to see if Always Grace, hosted by Cascade Vacation Rentals, is available. You want amazing Lake Superior views? This luxurious Grand Marais Airbnb practically puts you IN Lake Superior with its location, plus you also do have beach access.

Not only do you get unsurpassed views, but you can enjoy plenty of space with 5 bedrooms, 7 beds and 3 baths. That means that up to 14 guests can enjoy Always Grace, perfect for a gathering of friends or family.

Take a look through what life is like on Lake Superior in Grand Marais, Minnesota.

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