In early 2020, I needed to buy a a few enclosed trailers for the environmental firm that I also work for.  Supply at that point was already hindered by the COVID-19 pandemic.  People at production facilities were off of work if they were sick, and some places closed completely due to lack of staff and safety concerns.

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We ended up waiting a few weeks for some that were coming in, and were told if we didn't snag those, it could be months.  Fast forward to last week when I bought a new to me four wheeler and instead of hauling it in my truck bed, decided I needed a trailer.  I had hoped things were a little better for that market but they aren't.

I of course checked Craigslist, and also Facebook market place.  People were either selling junk for way too much, or selling decent ones for still way too much.  The few I did inquire about were almost instantly sold.  I did some looking at Fleet Farm and even Sam's Club and while they had a few in stock, they weren't the greatest.  The other thing I noticed was prices were anywhere from $600-$1,000 higher than I had seen the same trailer in the past.

I got lucky and scored a used aluminum motorcycle trailer from a local dealer, and while I probably paid a little more than pre-pandemic times, at least I found one that was in decent shape.  Plus, it's dual purpose fitting a bike or a wheeler.  You can certainly find a new one but be prepared to pay a premium and be prepared to possibly wait if it's a special setup you are looking for.

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