This week I am taking a different route then normal. I decided that the past few weeks of bashing Minnesota teams was getting old, so this week it will be all about the good things in Minnesota. Today might be the first time you have heard the name Timberwolves and the word buzz in the same sentence since the day Kevin Garnett left, but today I am starting the buzz.


We are only a few weeks away from the NBA tip-off, and even if you love or hate the NBA you can not ignore what is going on in Minnesota. With the last few years of drafting in the top five has brought in players like Wesley Johnson and Derrick Williams. Free agents like J.J Barea, and trades that have brought in Anthony Randolph, and Michael Beasley, and throw out players like Jonny Flynn and coaches like Kurt Rambis and his triangle system. sprinkle in Kevin Love and mix in Rubio mania and for the fun of it slather in a new coach in Rick Adelman; what are you left with? A team that is inexperienced, but has a very experienced coach. This team could be very exciting to watch, and might soon start filling Target Center like the Minnesota Lynx did this summer.

To be realistic we are most likely anywhere from two to three years away from having "championship"

contender here, but its so hard not to get slightly excited to finally see Rubio in a Timberwolves jersey. And not to mention we actually have a coach that demands respect from his players, and has over 800 wins. Soon you will see people jumping back on the Timberwolves bandwagon, and let me be the first one to say "I am officially on the bandwagon".

NBA is forcing teams to actually spend their money, and are forcing parity in the league, which both will bold well for the Timberwolves only if we do not waste our money on players like Darko Milicic(oops we already did), but focus on players that could help build a contender.

I don't know what all of you want for Christmas, but what I want is Ricky Rubio jersey(here is a link if anyone wants to get me it), because I have stuck by his side ever since we drafted him three years ago, and if he blows up in our face then I will be able to use his jersey to clear away my tears when the league contracts the Timberewolves. But lets hope for the first outcome.

2004 seems so long ago in the minds of Timberwolves fans, but soon this agony and pain will be lifted by the arms of Love, Williams and Rubio, and they will bring us on a magical ride that hopefully wont stop until we hear David Stern say "I am so happy for the Minnesota Timberwolves for winning the NBA championship." Maybe that day will come, maybe it wont, but for now lets just sit back, and see what this 2011-2012 Timberwolves team has in store for us. It might not be pretty, but hopefully finishing last in the league or in the Western Conference is past us, and we can start the upward climb to the top of the NBA.