The SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft officially launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Saturday (May 31). Just before blasting into space, astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken reportedly blasted AC/DC's classic "Back in Black." The next day, they woke up with some Black Sabbath.

The historic launch was a first-ever in U.S. history as the SpaceX flight marked the first manned space launch by a private company, though it was not the first time Hurley and Behnken had traveled to space. The song fit the mission perfectly as the "Back in Black" title accurately reflected a return to the dark, starry skies

It was CNN that reported that Hurley and Behnken had listening to the legendary AC/DC song. "We were told the astronauts listened to 'Back in Black' from AC/DC on their way to the rocker. In that vein let's just say, for those about to launch, we salute you," said anchor John Berman, as seen in a tweet below.

There was more rocking ahead as the astronauts awoke to the psychedelic sounds of Black Sabbath's trippy Paranoid song "Planet Caravan," which runs rampant with spacey themes, per

Behnken is no stranger to wake up calls from metal bands when aboard a space flight. The astronaut arose to the sounds of Tool's "Parabola" on February of 2010 while in orbit.

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