Guns N' Roses' Friday night performance in Houston was briefly halted when Axl Rose's piano apparently malfunctioned during "November Rain." He stayed in good spirits, even making a sly joke at his instrument's expense, before the band continued their Aug. 5 show at NRG Stadium.

Still, as you can see in the fan-shot video above, there was tense moment or two at first. Rose began to notice something was wrong, even before stopping the song. At roughly the 4:57 point, just after singing "in the cold November rain," he turns to the back of the stage and audibly says: "What the f--- was that?"

Within a few more seconds, he's calling a halt to things. "Stop," Rose says, and repeats his earlier question. "What the f--- was that?" A roadie or some other member of Guns N' Roses apparently describes the problem to Rose, while the Texas crowd cheers loudly. "Can we stop it at least?" Rose asks. "Wow, the piano is broken. So, do you have a suggestion, then?"

A few moments later, Guns N' Roses again resumes the song, with Rose addressing the issue again after Slash's memorable closing solo. "I don't mind ghosts and gremlins," he jokes, "but they should probably learn the f---ing song."

Guns N' Roses heads to San Francisco next for a Tuesday (Aug. 9) show, then continues on to Seattle, Los Angeles (where they'll play a two-night stand at Dodger Stadium) and San Diego, before a planned trip to South America.

Should they encounter more trouble, it looks like Rose is ready to take it all in stride. "You have to give Axl credit for rolling with the flow," Pete Vonder Haar of the Houston Press noted. "Twenty-five years ago, he would have thrown the bench into the crowd and (probably) called us assholes. ... Let's hear it for maturity."

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