Like broccoli needed another reason for some people not to eat it:  A nationwide recall has been issued by Conagra Brands, Inc. for their frozen Birds Eye Broccoli Tots due to the potential for extraneous inedible objects contained in the packages.  Specifically, the voluntary recall was instigated due to the potential for the presence of small rocks and metal fragments.

According to details released by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the company was made aware of the small rocks and metal fragments from calls that came in from customers.  It appears that the problem is isolated to the frozen Broccoli Tots and none of the other Birds Eye products.

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It's worth noting that the reports of injury associated with this recall are of the dental type (damage) and not medical.  Conagra has already started to work with their retail customers to make sure that all of the recalled products have been removed from store shelves nationwide.

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Here are the specific details involving the Birds Eye Broccoli Tots;  each of these was sold in a 12-ounce bag, with a CASE UPC of 20-0-145000-00125-6 and an ITEM UPC of 00-0-14500-00125-2. Here are the Batch and Lot Codes and Best By Dates:

  • Batch/ Lot Code:  4715105620, Best By Date:  AUG-19-2022 and AUG-25-2022
  • Batch/ Lot Code: 4715104220, Best By Date: AUG-11-2022 and AUG-12-2022
  • Batch/ Lot Code: 4715113720, Best By Date: NOV-17-2022
  • Batch/ Lot Code: 4715113020, Best By Date: NOV-11-2022

Consumers who have the recalled Birds Eye product in their freezers are asked to not consume them.  Either dispose of the frozen vegetable product or reach out to Conagra Brands Consumer Care:  1-800-921-7404.

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