Lately I have been bad at catching movies in the theater.  A bummer for me, because going out to the movies is one of my favorite get out of the house activities.

Black Panther came out in February and I am just now getting around to see it, though I did see Avengers Infinity War.  I was good at catching the Marvel comic films in order until this year.  I finally watched Black Panther on Netflix part last night and park this morning.

I was bored through most of it.  I'm not sure why being there was plenty of action.  Maybe I missed the bouts of humor most of the Marvel films have incorporated?   The quick witty one liners intertwined with action and adventure is something I dig and this film barely made me chuckle.  Perhaps the lack of humor was on purpose since it's tone was speaking at parts to social injustice in our current time, if that's the case, I get it.  However it failed to entertain me, and I watch movies like the Marvel ones expecting to be entertained.

I'll say this, I will never watch it again and not knowing the events of Black Panther didn't ruin Infinity War for me which I incredibly enjoyed.  Black Panther gets 2 thumbs down from this DJ .  Marvel, try harder on the sequel please.  What did you think of it?


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