A lot of people I come across aren't familiar with the name Butch Walker.  When I bring up the long forgotten song "Freak of the Week" which was a big hit of his band The Marvelous 3, sometimes it rings a bell for people.  1999 seems like forever ago when I was cranking up that band and couldn't get enough, since then I have followed Butch's career which has been a very full one.

After The Marvelous 3 disbanded Butch went on to create incredible solo music, and also produce for many artists you would recognize the names of.  I have had the opportunity to see him several times and despite how good he is I have missed the last few shows that came close to my area.  Not this next time.

This upcoming Sunday, the 30TH Butch Walker will be playing The Varsity Theater in Minneapolis and I have my tickets in hand, or rather on my phone.   Regardless of what style of music you like Butch puts on an incredibly entertaining show pouring everything he has into it no matter the crowd size or venue.  If you like music like me, go see him live and I can almost guarantee you'll be a fan for life.  Get your tickets here.

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