Facebook is free for just about anyone to sign-up for and use.  Though you probably have "friends" like I do that are constantly banned, or are on their fourteenth account for violating Facebook Community Standards.

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There are many things that can violate the standards in place by Facebook, and my response always has been that if you don't like the standards, don't sign-up.  I mean, it's not like you're being forced to be on there.  Things on the "violation" list include: violence and incitement, terrorism, hate, human trafficking, fraud, and much more.  These all make sense to me and as much as I believe in free speech, we need to keep people safe.

What I find interesting though, is the posts and comments that Facebook is moderating and deleting that shouldn't be.  The most recent that I have seen is posts that mention the Harley-Davidson Fat Boy Motorcycle.  The model came out in 1990 and gained a lot of attention when Arnold rode a 1991 in Terminator 2: Judgement Day.  I subscribe or am a member of many Facebook pages and groups centered around motorcycles, and every few days a post gets yanked because of "Fat Boy".  The way around it is to type something like "F@t Boy".

I'm assuming this is happening because of some algorithm that Facebook has looking for words that might be considered hate speech or shame speech.  If it is by chance a human doing the behind the scenes censoring, they may want to read up on motorcycle models a bit.  With how into our lives tech is in this day and age, you would think a company would be able to tell the difference with surrounding language in a post if something is hate speech or motorcycle talk.  You can find out more about the Facebook Community Standards HERE.

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