The city of Duluth has noticed an uptick in stolen vehicles this winter which seems to be the case every year when the temperatures start to drop and people leave the keys in their car with it running. Nobody likes to get into a cold car, but no matter where you live your car is never safe to be running with nobody inside, or god forbid your run into a  store for a minute with your child in the car.

Even in your own driveway people are always on the lookout to take advantage of these situations. Locking your car is not any kind of protection, If they want your car bad enough they will just break the window. If you are not able to buy a car starter then getting into a cold vehicle is just a reality. DPD Public Information Officer Ingrid Hornibrook offers some tips:

First and foremost, lock your doors. Don’t leave your keys in your car. Take all your valuables with you or put them in the trunk.

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If you are able, park your car in a well lit area or in a garage if it is available. Insurance companies are not going to be very sympathetic if your car was stolen because you left your keys in the car, and even if your car is recovered it could be damaged in the process. When you know the weather is going to be extra cold try to plan out your schedule to be out and about as little as possible. Cars get stolen every day and that is unfortunate, but you can prevent thieves from having an easy time of getting yours.

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