Track Your Runner On Grandma's Marathon Half Or Full Course
Each year that I run the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon, I have friends that want to keep track of my progress. (that makes me laugh, but I appreciate their interest).  I tell them it's easy to sign up for free live runner tracking through T-Mobile.  You can sign up to track your favor…
Use A Clif Pacer To Reach Your Marathon Goal
I've run several Grandma's Half Marathon and I've seen them around me, they're known as "the pacer".  To be exact they are a Clif Bar Pacer, they are free to follow and to many they are somewhat of a phenomenon.  Here's why I am in awe of them.
The 4 Best Places to Run in the Duluth Area
Grandma's Marathon weekend is fast approaching, which means the roads are full runners training for their races.  I have run about 11 Gary Bjorklund Half Marathons and being a creature of habit, I have my favorite places in the Duluth area to train each year.
What To Remember When Watching Grandma’s Marathon
Here we are, the 39th year of the Grandma's Marathon and Garry Bjorklund half marathon with Garry returning to celebrate the 25th year of the Half Marthon that bears his name. There are always things to remember when the marathon is run, for both runners and fans.

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