Winter is here and while it is always a bit of a buzzkill when it does arrive, we can't complain too much considering it didn't strike as early as it could have! We got a winter-free October for the most part but now that winter is here, it's making up for lost time.

If you read the forecast the Old Farmer's Almanac put out before November, you aren't too surprised by this! Whether you believe in their methodology or not, they predicted a snowy month ahead for our region, which includes the Twin Ports and surrounding areas.

They also predicted a colder month than usual and so far, it looks like Mother Nature has certainly delivered. Earlier in the month, we got a cold blast just in time for the weekend which led to very cold wind chill values. We also got heavy rain and thunderstorms.

Eventually, those thunderstorms turned to shovel-worthy snow as temperatures got cooler. This wasn't light snow. It was our first major winter storm of the season, bringing more than two feet of snow to areas along the South Shore.

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Needless to say, it has been a very busy month so far and some facts shared by WDIO Meteorologist Brandon Weatherz really put this into perspective! He shared some tweets on his Twitter account Monday (November 21st).

First and foremost, he hit on the fact that we saw snow nearly every single day last week. While totals varied depending on the day, it really didn't let up at all, eventually leading to more snow than average for this time of the year.

Not only that, but he also dove into what we've seen so far in Duluth this month in terms of temperatures! I know we have had some cold days so far but I didn't realize just how chilly it has been.

According to Weatherz, Monday marks nearly two weeks with a temperature below thirty-two degrees. While it could and will eventually be worse this winter, this is just more proof that winter is making up for lost time!

It looks like a fairly mild week, especially compared to last week, so enjoy it while you can before things get really cold in early December! We are in for a rough winter, which is to be expected in the Twin Ports.

The National Weather Service says we should all brace for another La Niña winter, which means colder temperatures and more snow than your average Northland winter. If you haven't already, make sure you have your winter emergency kit in your car and brush up on your winter driving.

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