This last weekend was supposed to be Harold's Flippin' Flapjack Fiasco. It's an annual pancake feed in Carlton where volunteers raise thousands of dollars for the kids at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. However this year due to COVID-19, the pancake feed could not be held. Instead of just giving up, the Carlton community came together.

I interviewed Kevin Koen from the "Flapjack Committee" last week about what they were planning to do. He said people were still asking how they could donate, so they came up with a drive by donation system. They set up in Calrton at the corner of highway 45 and 210 and used buckets on long poles to accept donations by people driving by. There were a little nervous to see if anyone would show up, but people sure showed up! At that event alone for about 5 hours they raised over $6,400! That's incredible!

Plus, Harold Ankrum's Service Station downtown received over $2,000 in donations as well throughout the week according to his daughter Tara Olson. That's an incredible amount of giving, but to be honest it doesn't surprise me. Year after year this group of people comes together and raises huge amounts of money. Here's hoping that they'll be able to still hold Harold's Golf Fiasco later this summer. That event has been the flagship "fiasco" for their fundraising and it's always a great time.

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